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Increase Web site traffic by submitting the Web site to the majority of search engines on the Internet, signing up for Google's Web master tools and learning about search engine optimization. Improve the rank of a Web site on search engines to get more traffic with help from a software developer in this free video on Web sites.

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Hi my name is Dave Andrews. Today I'm going to show you how to increase your website traffic. Let's go to our computer. The very first thing I want to do is make sure that our website has been submitted to the majority of the search engines that are out there. You can do this for free by using Now they provide this for free and if you scroll down a little bit on the page and click on start submit wizard now. Now what they are going to want you to do is basically if you are using a free service they would like for you to add a link back to this web page somewhere on to your page and that is kind of the reciprocation that they are getting for allowing you to use this for free. So scroll down a little bit to number 2 and you are going to want to type in your url information as well as an e-mail address that you use. Just fill out this fairly long form here and then basically type in or click on submit my site and what that's going to do when you click on that button is it will go to each of these website search engines right here and they have a giant list of search engines and it is going to actually submit your website to these search engines to be added to their search. Now once you have done that I would suggest you sign in to google's webmaster tools. Now you have to have a google account to do this which you can get for free by going to and signing up, just go to and then sign up and type in your website address which I have selected and this basically one of the options they give you is to see what search key codes are being searched for to access your website. As you can see my website, the number one search entry that I get a lot for is Christian Desktop backgrounds because I have a page on my site, which allows people to build their own Christian desktop background so I can search for and hit a lot by that. It also shows me the position that that appears in the google search and ranks. Now you can have multiple sites on this. I have another site on here for my products that I sell and I have totally different rankings for those type of things. So this basically, these are what people are searching for to find your site so you want to kind of arrange your site such that these things they are searching for will have more likeliness of coming to your web page. So that's called search engine optimization. That is something that you want to do for google if you want to get more visitors. My name is Dave Andrews and I have just showed you how to increase web traffic to your webpage.


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