What Are Cyberspace Crimes?

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Cyberspace crimes are crimes that occur through the Internet when people steal personal information and financial information. Remotely installing spyware through the Internet is also considered a cyberspace crime. Prevent spyware from getting on a computer by downloading an anti-spyware software program with advice from a software developer in this free video on Internet crimes.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Dave Andrews and today I'm going to tell you a little bit about cyberspace crimes. Now when you think of crime in cyberspace you wonder what is that? Well the main one that you might run into is called identity theft. This is where somebody finds out some personally identifying information about you. It might be your e-mail log on if you are using a password for your e-mail. If somebody was to figure that out about you they can access your e-mail and send e-mails as though the were you, make all your friends mad at you and they could do a lot of things like that and that's actually a crime. Another type of cyberspace crime is getting access to your financial information and this can happen in exactly the same way. Somebody finds out information about you such as your name, address, social security number and they use this to apply for a credit card as though they were you and then they go and spend a lot of money but it's going against your credit. Now another type of cyberspace crime is where somebody is installing software on your computer while you are browsing the internet and it is called spyware and it is actually monitoring the sites that you go to the log ins that you use and then it is uploading that to their server where they can form that information and get information about you. I'm going to show you how to use a program called spotbot that prevents that. You download this from safer-networking.com and it is a program called spybot, it's free. Go to all programs, click on spybot search and destroy, let's just launch it and this will look a whole lot like a virus cleaning program. When it comes up we are going to want to click on the button that allows us to scan our computer for spyware. Click on, you have got to be the administrator so just click continue and click on search and destroy and click check for problems. Spybot is now scanning my entire computer for spyware and it will remove it for me. My name is Dave Andrews and I just talked to you a little bit about cyperspace crime.


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