How to Make Dial-Up Downloading Faster

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Make dial-up downloading faster by using the Internet during off peak hours, disabling call waiting on the phone line and using the Firefox quick browser over Internet Explorer. Consider using a program called download accelerator to speed up downloads with advice from a software developer in this free video on Internet downloads.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Dave Andrews. Today I'm going to talk to you about making dial up downloading faster on your computer. There's a few things that you can do that are not setting wise or software wise or hardware on your computer and that is to use the Internet at off peak times. Now this could be kind of in the middle of the day when people who would normally be at home on the Internet might be at work. This would be sort of late at night. Your peak time for Internet use is going to be between 5:00 o'clock pm and maybe 9:00 o'clock pm. If you get on the Internet after that, you're going to be sort of off the curve as far as the number of people you're competing with for your download speeds. So you get a faster speed that way. Also you can disable call waiting on your phone line if you don't like to be interrupted while you're online. But I'm going to show you a few things on the computer that you can do to speed it up as well. Now one suggestion I have is to use the Firefox quick browser as oppose to Internet Explorer. And the reason I say that is that Firefox will allow you to pause downloads while they're in progress or right and then clicking cancel on a large download or something like that. You can actually, within Firefox, begin downloading a file and then pause it, close your browser and open up lighter. Just go to tools and then downloads; now as you can see I've got a large file 600 megabytes or 700 downloading right now and it's paused. If I press start, it will start that download again right where I left off and continue. I'm going to pause it again, close, close my browser, disconnect and pick it up tomorrow night if I'd like. Now another tip is to use a program called download accelerator. If you just search Google for download accelerator; you'll find a lot of programs out there that are called download managers or accelerators. Now you have to be careful using this because a lot of programs will disguise themselves as download accelerators when they're really spyware or something like that virus. So make sure that you have good virus and spyware protection on your computer. But these programs will make multiple connections to websites and download files in parts which allows them to download them faster. My name is Dave Andrews and I've just showed you how to make dial, dial up downloading faster.


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