How to Make a Good Impression to Customers

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Making a good impression to customers is done by being friendly, always wearing a smile, being well-mannered and being open to helping them with any of their needs. Represent the company accurately by leaving any troubles at home with advice from a nationally certified business etiquette and international protocol consultant in this free video on business etiquette.

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Hello, this is Gabriela Garzon at G.G. Image & Etiquette Consulting in Miami, Florida. In this clip, I'm going to talk about how to make good impressions to customers. Customers are the ones who have the right to have a very nice service and feel comfortable when they're going to buy a service or, you know, just paying for something that they want. So of course, you have to make a good impression in them. So the first thing that you've got to do is that you have to be friendly. You have to have a smile. You have to leave all your problems outside of the place where you're actually going to show -- that you are, you know, a well-mannered, educated person who's working for a certain company. So basically, you're going to approach them. You're going to have a big smile on your face, and you're going to offer your help. And, of course, you have to remember the well-groomed and good manners and all of that. For example, "Miss Garzon?" "Yes, hi." "Nice to meet you. I'm Paul Mueller." "Nice meeting you. Sure." "Did you find our offices okay?" "Yes, yes. I actually have a couple question. Is there any way that you can help me with some things that I have here?" "Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. What can I do for you?" "Okay. Well, I'm have these things. I'm going to go get my purse and then I'll just go ahead and give you all the list because I have a huge list, you know." "Very good." "If you don't mind at all." "No, not at all. Not at all. My pleasure." "Thank you, thank you so much." So there you go. For example, when he actually does this, we have very hard customers and you always have to make a good impression on them, even if it's going to make you work even harder. But it's part of your job, therefore, you know, it's fine to just have a big smile and whatever comes to you, just say "Yes, sure. I am willing to help," even if he's...if he's going to need somebody else to help him with the task. So once again, this is Gabriela Garzon at G.G. Image & Etiquette Consulting in Miami, Florida.


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