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Composite decking material is a plastic and wood fiber combination that is made with recycled plastic polyethylene. Discover why composite deck material stands up to weather extremely well with help from a certified home inspector in this free video on exterior remodeling.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Mark Blocker. In this segment, we're going to cover about composite decking material. Okay, composite decking material is a plastic/wood fiber combination, and it's made with recycled plastic polyethylene which is old milk containers, and plastic bags, and stuff of that nature. It's mixed together, and then compressed with a wood fiber, and they come out with a composite decking material, and that's used for the floors on decks, the railings on decks. Some of the benefits of composite decking over wood is it stands up to weather extremely well. Because it's made of plastic it deteriorates a a lot slower than wood. It will change color over age and sunlight as all materials will, but it generally'll last a lot longer than wood. It's real easy to work with; it cuts with any power tools, and it's held together usually by screw fasteners. And as you can see by the samples, I've just got three here, but it comes in many different colors by a lot of different manufacturers. And it also comes with warranties in twenty, thirty, forty, fifty year categories. Just need to check with your local building and supply locations, and they can fill you in on the details on what's available in your area. So, that's what composite decking material is.


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