Signs of Drug Addictions

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The signs of drug addiction revolve around two key components, which are tolerance and withdrawal, but more things to observe are the time spent purchasing the drug, consuming the drug or withdrawing from the drug. Identify the signs of drug addiction with information from a licensed mental health counselor in this free video on drug abuse.

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Hello I'm Dr. David Thomas, a practicing therapist in Tampa, Florida with Whitford Thomas Group. Today I'm going to talk to you a little bit about the signs of drug addiction. When you're talking about any type of addictions, usually we look at addictions on a continuum and that continuum goes from use, misuse, abuse and dependency. When we talk about addictions, we're really talking about dependency. We're not talking about misuse or abuse. And so as we talk about addictions and dependency, probably the two key components of addictions is tolerance and withdrawal. Tolerance is simply stated is that you require more of the drug in order the achieve the same effect. And withdrawal can be from mild withdrawal such as hangovers and mild depression, irritability, to much more severe withdrawal symptoms that often times are associated with physical withdrawal from drugs or alcohol. When we're looking at the signs of drug addictions, one of the things we're going to look at is how much time the individual spends either purchasing the drug, consuming the drug or withdrawing from the drug. Another indication of drug addition is that individual begins to kind of blow off or tend to not fulfill certain role obligations, be it school, friends, work and so they just tend to miss a lot of things that are important to them. Another sign of addictions is really what other people may say about your use. One of the indicators we often times look at is often times talk to family and friends to determine what their thoughts about your alcohol use or drug use. And again addiction, when we're talking about addictions, we're not talking about just misuse or abuse of alcohol and drugs, we're really talking about a dependency and that dependency can be psychological as along with physical. And so again this is Dr. David Thomas and I thank you for watching.


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