Physiological Causes of Drug Addiction

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Drug addiction affects every physiological aspect of the body, as every organ experiences the toxicity associated with high consumption of the drug. Understand the physiological changes that take place simultaneous to drug addiction with information from a licensed mental health counselor in this free video on drug abuse.

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Video Transcript

Hello I'm Dr. David Thomas, I'm a practicing therapist in Tampa, Florida with Whitford Thomas Group. Today we're going to talk a little bit about the physiological causes of drug addiction. I think first when you start talking about the physiology associated with drug addiction, first it's important to remember that anything you ingest in your system, be it alcohol and drugs is toxic so because of toxicity, the more you use the drug and the more the amount of the drug that you ingest, it's going to create a much higher toxicity in the system and therefore much more susceptible to organ involvement. Another kind of physiological response to drug addiction would be diminished short term memory. And that's probably, certainly more common in marijuana use, certainly with alcohol as well. And there are physiological cause of drug addiction would be in the area of heart palpitations with certain types of drugs you can also get a lot of kind of dermatitises, rashes, things of that sort. Increased heart rate is another result of drug addiction for certainly physiological. Also as far as physiological effects, there's probably no organ in your system that doesn't get affected by drug addiction so whatever organ you're referring to whether it be the heart, the lungs, pancreas, they all have, drugs have a profound affect. Again, more so with prolonged use and the higher the consumption. Again, this is Dr. David Thomas, thank you for watching.


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