How to Get 6-Pack Abs at Home

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Six-pack abs are well-defined abdominal muscles that can be achieved at home with a combination of healthy eating and exercises, such as the bridge exercise. Learn how to do exercises for great abs with help from a certified sports performance nutrition adviser in this free video on fitness and exercise.

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Hi I'm Ashleigh Gass, certified strength and conditioning specialist with How do you get six pack abs from home? Well first of all, what are six pack abs? Simply this means abdominals that are well defined visually. You will typically see these on athletes and bodybuilders. Did they get this way because they did 100's of sit ups every single day? No, they got that way because they learned to eat well and they have done it for many years in addition to intelligent abdominal training that includes variety. So if you're training from home, here's a few exercises to get your started. This first one is a bridge exercise and this will actually train the muscles on the side of your stomach. So in a full bridge position, I lift my hips up off the ground, you should feel the muscles closest to the floor tightening a little bit. And then I go back to the start. I come back up again, pause for a couple of seconds, and then I come back down. You might want to consider doing 8 to 15 of these depending on your level of strength starting off. Another exercise that you can do is a basic rotation exercise. Just begin with both legs up off the floor, hands by the side of your head, elbow to knee, knee to elbow and back to the start. Elbow to knee, knee to elbow. And I would repeat that nice and controlled. Do the number of reps that you feel appropriate for your level of strength. The last one I'll show you that's easy to do at home is called thin tummy. To do this one, have one hand on your belly button, take a breath in, exhale, pull your belly button in towards your spine, that creates this tummy, hold that for several seconds and then relax. You can repeat that as well for the number of reps you feel most appropriate for you. The reason for doing thin tummy is to strengthen your lower stomach muscles and to begin to help those of you that might be having some problems with your lower back. So to develop six pack abs, number one, eat well. Number two, use variety in your abdominal muscle training. Number three, give it time. For more details, nutrition coaching and program design, you can contact me at


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