Math Activities for Middle School Students

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The more activities that can be planned to teach math to middle school students, the easier it will be to get students to relate to math. Discover how to use shopping games to teach students about math with help from a math teacher in this free video on math help for middle school.

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Video Transcript

What are some math activities for middle school students? Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang. I've been teaching college mathematics for over nine years now. And the more activities that you can come up with, especially in the middle school years. The more you'll be able to have students relate to math more. So here are some examples as to what you can do with your middle school students. Now one thing that you can have them do is participate in shopping games. What you can do is, you can get some random items that you can think of. whether it be purses, video games, toys. Depending on you know, what your audience is. And then what you can do is, put price tags with them. And then give them random amounts of play money. So they can purchase things. And what this helps them do of course, it helps them appreciate decimals and also adding, subtracting. And helps them see how to give change. And shopping games tend to be very, very, very fun. So it's an easy hook to get them involved in math. Also with the cooking games. If you want to get together and whether it be bake cookies. Or make you know, simple dishes that involve measuring. What you can do is, have them use measuring cups or tablespoons or teaspoons. And have them fill one half a cup. Or three quarters of a cup. And it kind of helps them be involved in. Have them understand exactly how measurement works. But also how fractions work in the real world. So cooking games can be be a lot of fun. And also helps them appreciate math, at the same time. Now couple of other activities to think of about are Cryptography activities. Now Cryptography is the art of breaking code. But basically you can make it recreational by coming up with some simple sentences. Have them guess at what kind of letters might be behind. Those scrambled letters that you've made for them. And then it kind of gets everybody involved. It's kind of like a more advanced version of Hang Man. If you will except that there is no, nothing to be hanged. And last but not least, Student Taught classes can work. If you pick some simple math concepts. And have students who understand the ideas, maybe teach the class for a little bit. It helps students, perhaps relate to math better. Because chances are the students can explain it in ways that are different from you. But maybe in a way that students can relate to a little more. Simply because they all speak on the same levels. So I'm Jimmy Chang. And there are some examples of math activities for middle school students.


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