Fun Children's Math Activities

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There are many math activities that can be used to help teach children math, including playing a game that emulates a store. Teach children about math through grocery shopping with help from a math teacher in this free video on math help for kids.

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Video Transcript

What are some fun children's math activities? Hi! I'm Jimmy Chang. I've been teaching college mathematics for over nine years, and there's some examples, many examples, as to the math activities you can play with your children, and that once they understand how math works with these activities, they'll appreciate it more and see exactly how math is used. And so here are some examples as to what you might be able to do with your children for math activities. One thing that you might want to do is play the game of store with them. Pick some random items in the house, and gather them up and put some price tags on them, and then play store with your children. And then, give them a little bit of money, and so if they choose to buy certain items, you can provide change, and they'd understand exactly how change is provided out in the real world with the different stores and shopping and what have you. Now speaking of shopping, you can take your children shopping with you, to see exactly, help them, and help them understand what kind of good deals are out there. Have them try to figure out what might be the better deal. Whether it be three for a dollar, or two for six dollars, depending on the items out there, it gives them an idea as to how money, but also division, multiplication might be used out in the real world. And also, if you do some food activities or cooking activities with them, it might help them to understand better as to how fractions are used a little bit better. Now, with food for example, if you take a sandwich or cookie, and you, or a cake, and you break, slice it into two pieces, you can teach them halves, if you slice it into three pieces, it shows them how thirds are developed. Or if you want to cut them up into eight or sixteen pieces, if you want to do things that are more intensive, but also with cooking activities, if you want to have your children help you with cooking, give them a measuring cup or tablespoons and teaspoons, and have them measure, whether it be a half a cup, a three quarters of a cup, and show them what the lines are, it helps them feel better about helping you do the chores, but also helps them understand a little bit better as to how math is used out there, especially when it comes to areas like cooking. So, I'm Jimmy Chang, and there are some examples of some fun children's math activities.


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