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There is an overwhelming number of jobs in existence that are math-related, including teaching, finance, business, accounting, banking and insurance jobs. Discover how doctors use math in their profession with help from a math teacher in this free video on math help and careers.

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So what are some Math related jobs? Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang; I've been teaching College Mathematics for over nine years and when you really think about it, there an overwhelming majority of jobs are Math related and that they use Math in some shape or form. But here are some wide examples as to jobs that really use quite a bit of Math. Now the most obvious example would be of course an Education, specifically teaching. Now as you know, Math teachers are really high in demand out there; so, and they teach whether it'd be elementary school, middle school, high school, collegiate; there's a huge pool available for Math teachers out there and that's a very rewarding profession. Accounting and banking or other finance and business related jobs as you might imagine, they use quite a bit of Math. There's lot of number crunching and analysis going on; so, I think that's a no brainer on that one. Actuaries; now that sounds a very, like a very technical term; but part of what actuaries do is that they analyze by using probability and statistics to help determine insurance rates; whether it'd be cars, homes, etc. It's a very rewarding job. You do have to go through a series of exams but, they definitely incorporate using a lot of Mathematics. Statisticians; they work of course the field of statistics which is a very vital part of Mathematics especially on the applied side. They basically create the main different categories; they do a lot of research and conduct a lot of studies and experiments and observations and they literally do crunch all the numbers to help us, the reader, to make sense of all the data that they collect. And last but not least, as an example are doctors. Now doctors, they, they do a lot of medical things, but they also involve and analyze a lot of measurements. They do a lot of dimension analysis; maybe do a few conversions; but doctors they also help run a business. They have to do a lot of the financial side and see and try to maintain a profitable business. Now there are many other Math related jobs out there, but these are just some examples to what you can do that are Math related. So, I'm Jimmy Chang and there's some examples of Math related jobs.


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