What Math Courses Are Required for Accounting?

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If an individual is going to be an accounting major, they will need to take college algebra, statistics and a business calculus course. Look at a school's course catalog to find out exactly which math courses are needed for an accounting degree with help from a math teacher in this free video on math help and accounting.

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What math courses are required for accounting? Hi I'm Jimmy Chang. I've been teaching college mathematics for over nine years and if you're going to be an accounting major or if you know you are going to be studying something that will use accounting then there are some math courses that you definitely will have to take. Now what exactly would those courses be? Well it really depends on the institution so here are some examples as to some courses that you might be expected to take if you are going to be studying that field of accounting. Now at the very least most schools will want you to take algebra. Now how far to go in algebra will really depend. Some schools are o'kay if you take what is called intermediate algebra but there is going to be a lot of schools that will also want you to take college algebra which is the foundation for other math courses that you might need to take in accounting. Now assuming then that you will need to take college algebra there is going to be an expectation that you will need to take a statistics course of some sort. Generally elementary statistics, and when you think about in accounting they do work a lot with numbers and number crunching so a statistics course does make sense. Some schools will also have you take some kind of a calculus course but more on the business end a business calculus or an applied calculus course. Now that's a kind of calculus course that is not as heavy duty as the five credit engineering math major's calculus. That's completely different and an applied calculus or business calculus course because accounting is part of the business field, it only makes sense then that you would also need to take some kind of applied or business calculus course. If not then you might be expected to take what's called a business mathematics course which as the title applies is pretty self explanatory as to why you might need to take that but if the course is not called business mathematics then it might be called something called finite mathematics which talks about math areas that actually have an ending point. So but again if you know you want to study accounting and you are not sure what courses you take just look at your school catalog and see what's required. So I'm Jimmy Chang and those are some examples of required math courses for accounting.


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