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Boolean algebra is a very complex topic, and related conversions are often used in creating electrical circuits. Gain an understanding of the symbols used in Boolean algebra with help from a math teacher in this free video on math help and algebra.

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So how does one convert Boolean Algebra? Hi I'm Jimmy Chang. I've been teaching college mathematics for over nine years and I do want to say that Boolean Algebra is a very wide complex topic. As a matter of fact the have courses specifically designed for Boolean Algebra. Now it's not just used in mathematics where there is a lot of logic involved but they also are used in creating many electrical circuits so there is a lot of engineering involved and sometimes you know they're used in computers as well so it does cover a wide variety of topics. Now what we are going to do in the next minute or so is to kind of talk about some symbols for Boolean Algebra so as to give you a foundation as to what to expect but first let's get to the definition of what Boolean Algebra is. Now it's a deductive mathematical system closed over the values 0 and 1. In other words it uses the numbers 0 and 1 a lot meaning it is closed over the base 2 or the binary number system. 0 tends to stand for false and 1 tends to stand for true. Now the symbol here, the open circle is what's known as a binary operator. In other words it is kind of like the generic symbol for the mathematical operation used in Boolean Algebra and here is three specific examples. Now first we are going to start off with the closed dot. We have seen this in Algebra land as multiplication. Well it actually is, does stand for multiplication here in that it is a.b or a X b, it stands for product but it also stands for the word and so the multiplication symbol here stands for the word and in Boolean Algebra. The plus symbol we all know as sum so whenever you see a b it is the addition symbol but the multiplication symbol stood for and, the addition symbol stands for or so when you see a b also understand that it stands for a or b and then you get to what kind of looks like the apostrophe but it's more kind of a little a slash or sometimes used as the prime symbol. The prime stands for compliment and what that actually is is the negation symbol, not the negative a but instead of negative they use a prime or a compliment as they say. A prime stands for the negation of a or not a so once you have a foundation of these symbols you will be able to move on to other symbols and notations so I'm Jimmy Chang and that's an example of a glimpse on converting Boolean Algebra.


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