Gateway Laptop MX6429 Troubleshooting

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Troubleshooting for the Gateway laptop MX6429 begins by determining if it is a software or hardware problem, and then going through a system recovery process. Diagnose a Gateway computer problem with information from the CEO of a computer and video service company in this free video on computers.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Roger. I'm with R-Tech Computers. I'm going to talk about troubleshooting a Gateway MX6429 Notebook computer. The first thing we need to find out is whether the problem is a software problem or a hardware problem. And unfortunately there is no simple or easy way to figure that out. So what we would recommend you, what I would recommend you to do. Is basically start by making a back up of all your data. And this is not always the most practical way of doing it. But there's really no simpler way to identify the problem. Unless you've already identified it as being a software or a hardware problem. Then you can go on to diagnosing that individual piece. But the first step is got to be whether it's a software problem or a hardware problem. So what we would do is, make a back up of all of your data. And then using the system recovery process. That the manufacturer provides. Usually in the form of CDs. I don't recall on this exact model, if it's portable partition on the hard drive. In many, and many of the Notebook computers have a partition. Where you can press F10 or F12 during the boot up process. And it will go to, except it will boot up off of a separate partition. Which will start the recovery process for you. And then in that, in those situations. You don't need the CDs or DVDs. And once you've got the data backed up. Then you can start this recovery process. This recovery process will wipe out all of your data. All of your programs off, of your computer. But you will, at the end of it. Assuming everything goes smoothly. You will have eliminated any software problems. And pretty much fixed your computer. So at that point, it would be a matter of just simply reinstalling the programs. And then reinstalling, bringing your data back. If it won't complete the recovery process. Then what you're dealing with, is a hardware problem. At that point, I would recommend you contact the manufacturer. Assuming it's under warranty. and have the manufacturer do the repair for you. Because there is a hardware problem at that point. The operating system should recover without any glitches, without any errors, without any problems.


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