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Employee motivation incentives should be attainable, desirable to the employees, and they should include competition between the employees. Consider making incentives monetary and including them around the holidays with advice from a business consultant in this free video on running a small business.

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My name is Helen Vella, business consultant from Vella and Associates. And this topic is about employee motivation and incentivying them or motivation. One of the things about incentives is that they have to be attainable. A lot of companies when they do incentives, the incentives are not attainable and therefore it demotivates the staff instead of motivating the staff. So make sure the incentive is attainable, not too easy but attainable. Also make sure that it's something that the staff want. If you have an incentive and the staff really don't want it, then the motivation isn't going to be there to attain it. So you really need to make sure that's it's something the staff want. Communicate and brainstorm with your members of staff to find out what sort of things they would like as an incentive. A good thing right at the moment with the economy would be gift certificates for maybe some supermarkets which would help a great deal. Also some gift certificates for gas might be a good idea also. Always have a good tracking system. If you don't have a good tracking system for the incentive, that's another thing will help reduce the morale, because they need to know there's a good tracking system. They need to know, and be able to see it. Have it somewhere where staff could see it, so that they can see what everyone else is doing so then you're going to build competition. And if you build competition, then that helps motivate them as well. You want as much motivation as possible around the incentive. There's nothing like having a bit of competition between the staff and you know, they get between them and then they work towards it; great, great motivator, good for morale, good for staff retention. So thing about your incentive and have them ongoing. Also have them around holiday times also, because that's a great time, especially if you're giving gift certificates. And make sure that when you end up with giving your incentive to someone that you make a deal about it. Present it to them in front of the other staff, because that's great for morale also. So these are just a few tips. Make sure you recognize your staff, good incentives that are attainable, good communication, good tracking system.


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