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An effective time management skill requires putting everything that needs to be done on an action list, adding the deadlines for different activities and moving the action list over to a calendar. Restrict the action list to seven things in order to keep time management skills effective with advice from a business consultant in this free video on running a small business.

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My name is Helen Vella, Vella & Associates, business consultant, coach, trainer, and author. This topic is about effective time management. Time management is one of the things that most people really don't get. They run out of time, everybody you hear "I don't have enough time in the day", "Don't have enough hours in the day". This is basically because you're giving yourself too much to do. You need to be able to set up a system whereby you can look at what you have to do and you can achieve what you need to achieve in the deadlines you need to achieve it. So the first thing you want to do is you want to make a list. Now a lot of people say "I'm not making lists", but this is an action list, not a to-do list. There's a psychological difference between a to-do list and an action list. So make an action list and put on that list everything that you have to do, regardless of when it is, a deadline or anything. So list everything on one and choose a book, not a piece of paper. If you get yourself a book you can't lose it, you lose pieces of paper. So make a list in this book of everything that you have to do. Once you've made the list then put the deadlines next to it. Then get your calendar and move the things from your list, your action list, with the deadlines, into your calendar. And only give yourself a maximum of seven things. But once you put it into your calendar everything, then, is in one place. So you can go to your meetings, you can go and do your errands, you can go to work, you can do everything that you have to do and just follow your calendar. That way everything gets done. Psychologically everything is in your calendar so you know that you're going to meet all of your deadlines if you follow your calendar. So therefore, when you look at an action list, you don't get freaked out, you don't get stressed, you don't get panicked, because everything is in your calendar. So make your list, make a list of your deadlines, pass it into your calendar. If you then get something that you have to add in then just readjust it. Put everything into your book, even if it's things like you want to write a book, you want to write a novel, you want to do whatever, put it on your action list in your book and keep it there. And these are some great ways for time management.


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