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Management training games are a great way to identify natural leaders, build team spirit and motivate the management team. Research the best management training games, and hire a professional to lead the games with insight from a business consultant in this free video on running a small business.

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My name is Helen Vella, Vella and Associates, business consultant, trainer, coach and author. This segment is about management training games. Now a lot of companies use management training games to build their teams, to get motivation, to build morale, to get people so that they can see who the leaders are, to see who the followers are, who the team players are, that sort of thing. A lot of companies don't like games. The word games alone they think well why should I pay for my staff to go on to play games? But there are a lot of training games out there, a lot of things that can help with the motivation of your teams. And it's just like children's games. A lot of kids games you learn things at the same time and you don't know you're learning and this is what happens within the management training games. They're building a team together, they're building spirit, they're building camaraderie. So if you're going to have any training games, which I would encourage, get an experienced person to run it, someone that's done this before, not a member of your staff, someone from outside or unless you've employed a trainer and you've got training people in your company. Get an experienced person to do this because there is a knack to doing it and the reason behind the game, there is a psychological thing going on and they know what to do. So make sure you do a lot of research and get the right game for your staff. And also when you're telling your staff about this training that they're going on, make sure that they're encouraged about it, that they're motivated to go on this. Because if they actually go on this training game by force and they're not motivated to do it, it's not going to have the effect that you want to have on it. So you want to make sure that your staff are on board. So training games are important, they're a good way to motivate your staff, they're a good way to sort out who you're going to put on what team, but get an experienced person to do it.


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