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An Ethernet card is what enables the computer to connect to the Internet via a network, and nearly 100 percent of computers have a built-in Ethernet card. Understand how Ethernet cards work with help from a computer technician in this free video on PC maintenance.

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Video Transcript

Here, I'm going to talk to you about Ethernet cards. Now first and foremost, I'll show you what one looks like, and how to find it on the back of your computer. This here where my finger's pointing is your Ethernet card. Most computers these days come with them built in. I'd actually say probably nearly a hundred percent come with them built in. Most people these days access the Internet through a cable modem or some kind of local network, and you're going to need a a network card, an Ethernet card; otherwise known as a NIC card which stands for network interface controller. It has been the staple in the computer industry since the mid 90's. There have been other technologies, but this one is pretty much the dominant one. You can get it in 10, 100, or 1000 megabyte per second versions. Generally, you'll have a 10/100 or then a gigabyte, and now they have all three in one with the new technologies. And every single Ethernet card has its own burnt in 48 bit MAC address which is like a social security number for an Ethernet card, so you can be tracked, followed, or guided online at all times. There's not much else to know really. Plug it in; turn it on, and hopefully it will work.


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