Getting Rid of Rats Without Poison

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Getting rid of rats without poison requires taking away their food source and blocking off their nesting areas, so screens, plastic and strong-smelling spices are great materials to use as barriers. Eliminate rats from the garden with information from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardens.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about how to get rid of rats without poison. If you have rats you know what a distraction they can be and how disgusting they can be and how you want to get rid of them. So the only way to get rid of rats is to get rid of their food sources and the places wherever they are making their nests so if you've got a gap in your garage where they are coming into your garage or you have an area underneath your deck where they are coming into your deck the only way to get rid of those rats is to block it off. You have got to actually put a kind of a fencing or screen or block off every part or every area where they might be nesting and then you have got to get rid of all the food sources. So if you have a lot of wood in an area or you have got a garbage area or somewhere, a storage area where the rats are getting into it, make sure and get rid of all those paper boxes and put everything into plastic because they can't get into plastic. They love paper boxes and make sure to get rid of all the garbage all the foods sources and that way you can get rid of the rats. And so another trick too if they are coming into an area they don't like spices. So cinnamon, red hot cree or red hot chili pepper or anything that is really spicy if you sprinkle it around that area they usually won't come closer and so you can also cage them and move them to another are and there are all types of companies out there that will actually come in and touch the rats for you. But in the end if you don't get rid of those foods sources or you don't get rid of those places where they are nesting underneath the deck then you are never going to get rid of those rats. More will come. So you get rid of the food, you get rid of the nesting areas and then you get rid of the rats without poison.


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