How Do I Personalize My MySpace Page?

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Personalize a MySpace page by clicking on "Edit Profile" to change personal information and customizing the profile layout and themes of the page. Use present themes to personalize a MySpace page with instructions from a computer programmer and IT specialist in this free video on MySpace.

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Video Transcript

Hi, My name is Dexter. We are going to talk about how to personalize your My Space profile. After you log in at the top there is a tab that says profile. This includes pretty much everything you are going to need to personalize any and all things you want. You can go to edit profile. You can change your about me section by clicking on about me. Write something general about yourself. Who you are. Your name. Your age. They also give you a section on who you would like to meet. Those people, your heroes. Someone you possibly want to like to meet. You can go to general. Type in something general about you. Music. List a bunch of bands that you like to listen to. Movies, television, books all the same. Also gives you a heroes section. Type in your heroes. You can also click on basic info. You change your display name, your first and last name were that to change. You can change your date of birth, city you live in, country, zip code. You can upload and change photos from here or you can remove photos from here. You can go back up and you can go to profile. Click on customize profile and this will give you an option of choosing themes. Preset themes on My Space. You can change the layout of your profile up here by changing how wide the page is, how large the page is, where and how certain things are displayed. Your about me section. Your comments. You can do an advanced edit where you can change the background and all the little details of your web page. The CSS section is a little more advanced . It's for html, css coding. Also, at the profile bar at the top you can go down to your comments where you can delete saved comments. You can go to my photos which allows you to upload, change and edit photos. My videos, which allows you to do the same. My blog, is a function that allows you to keep an online journal. This will allow you to add a headline or tittle for that particular day. You can write whatever it is your feeling, your thinking . That's how you personalize a My Space profile.


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