How Do I Decorate a MySpace Page?

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Decorate a MySpace page by using HTML codes to change the font type, color and size, or by using Web sites that come with built-in MySpace profile layouts. Copy and paste code from a pre-made MySpace page with instructions from a computer programmer and IT specialist in this free video on MySpace.

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Video Transcript

My name is Dexter and we're going to be talking about how to decorate your My Space profile. You're going to go to the section of your My Space profile that you want to edit, I'm going to try the about me section, and first you can try your hand at HTML. HTML is a coding language that tells your webpage how to display everything that's on it. Today we're going to be using the font tag and you use an open carat, type the word font, type the word space and this will change the style of font from whatever it is the default, you can change it to Times New Roman, Courier, New and in quotation marks you type the name of the font. So I'm going to type Times New Roman, that'll make my font into the font Times New Roman, hit another space, type the word size equals and in quotation marks add a number one through five, this is most commonly used in websites, one being the smallest, five being the largest. I'm going to go with three which is about average and then I'm going to type the word color and in quotation marks I'm going to put pink. What this has done is told the website that the text that comes after this will be Times New Roman, the size three and the color pink. At the end of the text you want to change, open carat, backslash type the word font and then close in carat and that'll change it for you. Or you can use a My Space profile that has this already built into it. You can use sites like print my profile dot com, they have categories on what kind of layout you're looking at. You can pick what you want, you copy and paste the code that it gives you, you go back to your My Space, go to your About Me and then you can right click, paste, or hold down control and press V and that'll paste the layout. They'll have individual sections within that code that where they can tell you how to add or change things to how you want them to look.


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