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The olive oil liver cleanse is a complicated process that takes a day and a half using the juice of 14 grapefruits, 12 apples, four lemons, a cup of olive oil, water and Epsom salt. Cleanse the liver after doing a colon cleanser with health advice from a professional wellness consultant in this free video on natural remedies.

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Hi everyone my name is Isabelle, I am a nutrition and wellness consultant in the Tampa Bay area. And today we're going to learn about liver cleanse and olive oil. It is recommended for anyone of you guys out there who have ever had kidney stones, liver stones, which are very painful. You want to make sure before that you start a liver cleanse with olive oil, that you do a colon cleanser and a parasite cleanse first. Then step two would be what we're going to talk about today. So what you're going to need is several ingredients, you're going to need fourteen grapefruit, then you're going to need twelve apples of any color. Red, green, yellow, it doesn't matter. Four lemons, and then a a cup of olive oil, some water, and some epsom salt. And the liver cleanse will go this way, first thing in the morning at eight o'clock, from eight until twelve you're going to drink fresh squeezed juiced grapefruit, twelve of them. And then from one-thirty to about five-thirty you're going to drink the fresh juiced apples. Do not buy already made apple juice as usually sugar is added to it. You want juice fresh apples, and you will drink this in the afternoon. Now at six p.m. you want to mix one tablespoon of epsom salt with a glass of water about this size, you want to mix them very, very thoroughly. And add one squeezed lemon to it for taste, drink it with a straw. At eight p.m. you repeat the epsom salt water and lemon concoction here. And then around nine-thirty or ten p.m. this is where the olive oil into a jar for shaking and then you add that to two grapefruits that you had juiced. You want to shake and stir them very very, very thoroughly. And then you want to lay down on your right hand side, because the liver is on the right side of the body. And so you want to drink the olive oil with a straw, and it will be easier to go down this way. And the olive oil will make it's way through the liver for twenty minutes, so it's important not to move, alright. And then you can just all asleep. And then the next day when you get up, you want to repeat the epsom salt water and lemon, and then don't eat anything before twelve o'clock, and starting with the juice would be a good idea. And that is the way you have cleanse you liver with olive oil. I hope have learned something today. See you soon.


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