Herbal Remedies for Allergic Skin Reactions

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Herbal remedies for allergic skin reactions all utilize aloe vera, which has powerful topical healing properties, and it can be applied directly from the stem of a plant. Treat skin allergies using the aloe vera plant or aloe vera juice with health advice from a professional wellness consultant in this free video on natural remedies.

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Video Transcript

Hi everyone, my name is Isabelle. I am a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant in the Tampa Bay area and today we're going to learn some herbal remedies for allergic skin reactions. First off, try to understand where this reaction is coming from. Ninety percent of the time when we have a skin reaction to something is either something we touched and, like a plant or a chemical or certain product and we have a little rash or something that happens. And another thing is, if we have a fungus or parasites in our digestive tract, then we're going to develop skin reactions, allergies, rashes, eczema, that kind of thing. So, you want to do two things; but utilize the same type of herb. My absolute favorite of all is aloe vera plant. I happen to have, in my backyard, a plant and what I did is I cut off one stem from the plant and as you can see, in the very middle here, has a little, it almost looks like a gel, the inside of the plant when you break it off and let's say I have an allergic reaction on my hand. You just break this off and you rub it in the area where you may have that skin reaction and it will leave a little residue on your hand. You don't need to rinse off; you just let it go. And then let it dry and then two hours later, cut off this little piece right here to release more of the little gel substance inside. This is great for any skin irritation, for wrinkles, you name it; it's awesome. Now aloe vera is also use in the juice and conveniently found in many health food stores. I personally buy mine from Herbalife International and if you're interested in getting some, I can ship some right to your place. You just need to contact me through my website and we've got a deal. All you need actually is one capful with a glass of water. And that will take care of the inside of your body. Same properties as the plant. So aloe vera is your best bet for any skin reaction. I hope you learn something new today and I look forward to speaking with you really soon. You take care.


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