Herbal Remedies for Diabetes

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Herbal remedies for diabetes center around regulating the blood sugar with high-chromium foods, such as fruits, vegetables, sprouts, whole grains and garlic. Consider taking a chromium supplement to help diabetes with health advice from a professional wellness consultant in this free video on natural remedies.

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Video Transcript

Hi everyone, my name is Isabelle. I am a Nutrition Consultant in the Tampa Bay area, and today, we're going to learn about some herbal remedies, to care for diabetes. Understand what diabetes is. When the insulin levels in your body, are not able to be able, to regulate themselves properly, due to poor lifestyle, poor nutrition, that's when diabetes happens, but there is a way that you can mitigate this, and the way to do that, is to eat foods that are high in chromium. Chromium is a molecule that helps regulate the blood sugar level, in the body, and so to start with, we have here in front of me, I want you to pay attention. I have a few fruits and vegetables that are in front of me. A food that contains chromium is sprouts, and they're very high in chromium, so if you have diabetes, it's a good idea to eat lots of these. Any food that contain whole grains, high in fiber, are also a very good idea to eat. Mushrooms and broccoli are another item that contain chromium, so you will want to eat some of that. Garlic is also an excellent source of chromium. Now, if for any reason, you don't like eating eighty of these, there is hope. Herbalife International has put together a supplement called Smack Defense, that is primarily made of chromium, and all you need to do, is take one to two tablets a day, with food, or right before you eat food, and it will help regulate the insulin levels in your body, because of the chromium, so instead of your insulin levels going all the way up, and then crash down, they will go up as you eat, but not as high, and then they remain leveled, so that is what you need to remember, chromium, and I hope you learned something new today. I'm Isabelle, and I look forward to speaking with you soon. Take care.


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