Gym Ball Exercises

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Gym ball exercises can include doing a chest press movement while laying flat on the ball or doing a shoulder press exercise on the ball. Keep the core tightened at all times when working with an exercise ball with advice from a certified personal trainer in this free video on fitness and exercise.

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Video Transcript

Hey my name is Shaun and I'm here today to talk to you about gym ball exercises. Now with using the stability ball you want to make sure that you have the proper weight that you are using, you don't want to go too heavy and you want to make sure that you have a nice surface so that your feet don't slide or burn you while you are using this ball. So one of the exercises that I'm going to show you is the chest press. You are going to roll down slowly, get your back flat, get your dumb bells in a U shape or 90 degree angles, lay back on the ball and you are going to press up and that's how you do the chest press on the ball and with that exercise it helps strengthen your core area because you have to be stable so that you are not wobbling all around on this ball because you have the dumb bells on your hands. One of the other exercises that you can do you can do a shoulder press sitting straight and tall on the ball, bring your arms up to 90 degrees or like a U and you are going to press up. You are going to bring them down slowly. Keep them nice, shoulders back and stomach in and tightening that core. In the next exercise this is one you can do on the ball you can do it at home as a back extension. So you want to lay flat on the ball with your stomach, be on your toes a little bit, bring your hands to your head and you are going to lift up and come back and that is working your lower back and that is the back extension on the exercise ball an those are just a few variations of using the gym ball for your exercises.


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