How to Choose a Proper Running Shoe

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Choose a proper running shoe by discussing foot shape with a foot doctor, matching the arch of the foot and considering the type of exercise for which the shoe is being used. Understand that how a person walks will affect what type of running shoe they will need with information from a certified personal trainer in this free video on fitness and exercise.

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Video Transcript

Hey. My name is Shaun and I'm here with the Wilmington Boxing and Fitness Center. And I'm here today to talk to you about how to use the proper running shoe. And most shoes like your Nike's, your Adidas, Asics, things like that they are good running shoes but you have to be careful because you want a shoe that fits you. And I would go talk to maybe like one of your shoe doctors or things like and find a shoe that matches your feet, the arching in your foot and in your shoes because you may need arch supports and things like that. And like with different shoes like with basketball shoes, a lot of them they're more flat because you're running on a court. With the running shoes they are more, they've got that arch to them at the toe and they're more for running because you running more on your toes and everything. And that's one of the benefits because wearing basketball shoes, maybe on a track field or maybe on the inside track you're going to cause yourself a lot of time. You may get shin splints because you are running, some people if you run on your toes, that's how you want to run but sometimes if your flat footed you're going to run more on the flat part of your feet. So that's one of the downfalls with the kinds of shoes right there. So you want to find a shoe that's going to fit you especially for your workout needs. That if you're doing more cross training and more or if you're playing basketball, you want to find that shoe that's going to best fit you more. And also and how you walk and how you your shoes are, that can affect your hips also. That's why some people have hip injuries and things like that. Because if you're walking more inward that's going to affect the inner part of your hips. And if you walk more on the outside of your shoes that's going to affect the outer part of your hips. So its best to talk and consult with a shoe doctor or someone that can help you with finding a proper shoe. And that's how you can find the best running shoe for you.


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