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Pectoral exercise machines, such as chest press machines and chest fly machines, use resistance cables to help the user, and require less control than traditional bench presses. Concentrate on keeping the back flat and doing the appropriate breathing when exercising on a pectoral machine with advice from a certified personal trainer in this free video on fitness and exercise.

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Video Transcript

Hey my name is Shaun here and I'm here today to talk to you about pectoral exercise machines. This machine here is the Smith machine and you can use it for different types of exercises. But today I'm going to use it for my chest. There are also many other kinds of chest machines and chest exercisers. There's your regular bench press. You got your machines for chest press and chest flies. But the one thing that's good about this machine here is that you don't have to use a spotter. You don't have to control a lot of weight and everything by yourself. And it uses cables as resistance to kind of help you out. And the number of reps you would want to do starting out for a beginner is about 15 to 20 repetitions. Maybe doing like 2 sets starting out. And you know doing this exercise is going to work your chest, its going to hit your triceps, the back of your arms. Its also going to work the shoulders a little bit. So first you're going to want to lay flat on the bench. Make sure that the bar comes right at the nipples of your chest and get your hands at a wide enough grip. And as you breathe in as you're coming down with the weight you want to come down, you want to inhale the air as you're coming up you want to breathe out the air. Now one of the common mistakes people do when they're doing this machine is that they have their back arched or that they're not breathing. So when doing exercise machines like this for your chest you want to focus in on getting your back flat and doing your proper breathing. And that's how you use chest exercise machines.


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