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Activities that help teach phonics include having students connect the sound of a letter to the shape, allowing the students to trace the shape of a letter and having students look at objects that all start with the same sound. Provide visual interest for students learning about phonics with advice from a writing instructor and former classroom teacher in this free video on education.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Laura from, and I'm going to talk about activities for teaching phonics. Usually, you'll being in the process of teaching phonics with young children, and so thinking of ways that you can make the teaching have a sensory connection is a really good way to think about it because young children are very oriented towards being able to touch things and do things with their body. So one important thing, also, to remember about phonics is connecting the letter sound to the shape of the letter is very important. So as opposed to teaching the name of the letter, begin teaching the sound of the letter. And one early activity you can do is having the children trace the letters with their fingers as they say the letter sound, and this can really help them to embody it. They can begin to learn about the letter and its sound while they're tracing it with their finger. Some classrooms use sandpaper letters so that they actually have a texture so the students have something interesting to feel while they're tracing. Another activity that you can do is to have sort of a game where kids can look at a whole tray of objects that begin with a letter sound, and then they can try and figure out what the common letter sound is. So something very simple with some interesting-looking toys on a tray or a shelf can help kids to begin to sort of play a guessing game, begin to connect sounds with the words that begin with them, and also, have some visual interest to it. Rhyming books or books where the letter sounds such as cat and hat are rhyming can help kids to make some phonics connections and can be a fun activity to share with a group. So those are some ideas about activities for teaching phonics.


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