How to Touch Kittens After Birth

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When touching kittens after birth, always handle them with clean, warm hands, and wait at least two weeks after birth before handling them around the mother. Handle newborn kittens carefully with helpful information from an experienced veterinarian in this free video on pet health.

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Video Transcript

We're going to talk about how to touch kittens after birth. Now there are two types of things to think about here, one is are these orphan kittens? If they are, then you just have to touch them. And so what you want to do is just make sure your hands are clean, you don't want to over handle them, if you have to pick them up, put them in a warm box or something like that with warm towels and get them to your veterinary clinic. The opposite side of this is whether or not there is a mother kitten, or mother cat, sorry, that is nursing the kittens. If she is nursing, then you really don't want to touch the kittens at all, A, because it will upset the mother and B, it could upset the balance of nursing and so you want to wait at least two weeks before you touch them and when you do, make sure if the queen mother is there, that you're going slow, that she allows you to touch those kittens because she can be defensive. So you want to have clean, warm hands when you pick you them up because they are delicate and they can get cold very easily and you want to handle them in small or short intervals because they stress very easily. And if these are orphans, again you want them to be checked out, they're going to have to be manually fed, talk to your veterinary clinic because they can help you to figure out how to feed them and how often to feed them, but just make sure you do them in slow, non-stressful intervals and short intervals to minimize stress.


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