Dog Vomiting Causes

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The causes of dog vomiting can range from normal to extremely serious, as dogs can vomit from swallowing foreign bodies, from eating fatty human food, from food allergies, from stress or from a sensitive stomach. Find the cause of vomiting in dogs with helpful information from an experienced veterinarian in this free video on pet health.

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Let's talk about some common causes for vomiting in dogs. There are lots of these and so the thing to know about vomiting is dogs can vomit occasionally for normal reasons or if their stomach is empty versus if they're vomiting multiple times. They can become very sick from vomiting, they can become dehydrated and obviously you need to check with your veterinary clinic if your dog is vomiting. But some of the causes are that are very common are things like foreign bodies, especially in puppies that eat half of a rope bone or a toy, so things that they swallow that they're not supposed to like socks and things like that can get obstructed in the stomach and they can vomit from that. Other things we see commonly are pancreatitis which is generally caused from eating people food and fatty foods and so people food is a big cause of vomiting in dogs. Other types of issues that can cause vomiting would be stress. Also allergies like food allergies. If there's a food intolerance or a treat intolerance, then that can very commonly cause irritation to the stomach lining as well. Dogs that are kind of chronic vomiters due to sensitive stomachs benefit from foods these days that are for sensitive stomach dogs, there are a lot of companies that do that but always get a diagnosis first to find out why your dog is vomiting and is there some serious issue going on. Puppies very commonly get parvo if they're unvaccinated. Parvo is a virus that causes intestinal destruction and so those dogs will very commonly start vomiting, they'll also have diarrhea but vomiting can be one of the first signs. And so again, vomiting can be anything from benign to very, very serious and life threatening. So you always want to err on the safe side and check with your veterinary clinic and to see what that diagnosis is.


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