Dog Diseases Caused by Cats

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Diseases in dogs that can be caused by cats include allergies, ringworm and rabies, as well as any infections caused by scratches and bites. Bring both animals to the vet if a disease has been transmitted with helpful information from an experienced veterinarian in this free video on pet health.

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Video Transcript

Let's talk about what are some dog diseases that can be given to them by cats. There are lots of diseases that are actually species specific. When we're talking about certain times of mites and mange and a lot of viruses and things like that and so there are a lot that can't be transmitted. The things we normally think about actually involve somethings that are directly related like allergies. Some dogs can be allergic to cat hair just like people can or to the dead skin that cats shed. There are also some allergies to cat saliva which dogs can be allergic to. So allergies are a big component of that. Trauma is also something we see quite a bit and that's not necessarily a disease that you would think about, but eye ulcers, bite wounds, scratches, things like that can get infected and so diseases can occur from cats that way. One more common skin type of disorder that is thought to be given very easily would be ringworm. A lot of cats can be carriers of ringworm which is a fungus, not a worm, and that type of fungus can actually be transmitted to the hair of dogs. And so if you're worried that there's some sort of disease that you cat has given to your dog, check with your veterinary clinic or if your cat has an illness and you're worried that it's a possibility check with your veterinary clinic they can help you. There's some obvious things like rabies that they're unvaccinated for that can be given, but what we're worried about more would be vaccinated animals and healthy animals giving things to each other. So check with your veterinary clinic if you have a concern.


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