Can Frontline Plus for Dogs Be Used on Cats?

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Frontline Plus for dogs can technically be used on cats, as it is the same product, but measuring out the proper dosage for a cat's size and metabolism is very difficult to do. Always use dog products for dogs, and cat products for cats, with helpful information from an experienced veterinarian in this free video on pet health.

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Video Transcript

Let's talk about can Frontline Plus, the dog version, be used on cats? Technically, Frontline Plus for dogs and cats is the same product. Now, there are lots of other products out there that aren't the same. There are lots of products that can be used on a dog and can't be used on a cat. You have to be extremely careful. These products are, technically, the same product; however, it's dosage related. Cats metabolism and their size obviously varies from most dogs and so, it's impossible to measure out the exact amount that a cat is going to need per its weight and so, that's why the company has designed it in a specific size for cats. So, you always want to use a cat product for a cat and a dog product for a dog because, especially when you're dealing with other types of products, you can get vast toxicities and can be lethal to your cat. So, always check first and make sure you're using the right product and use the one specific for cats. Frontline Plus is important for cats and the reason is that it actually prevents a couple of things. One, it kills and prevents fleas and two, it kills and prevents ticks. There are flea-borne and tick-borne diseases that are fairly exclusive to cats. Cyozoanosis is a tick-borne disease that is lethal to cats and there is a blood-borne parasite that fleas can carry for cats as well and that can be very troublesome. And so, this product is used monthly, topically over the nape of the neck so they can't get back and lick that area. And so, again, it's monthly. It's very safe, but make sure you're using the correct product for a cat versus dog and you want to prevent ticks and fleas before they get a chance to jump on and cause damage.


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