Do Almonds Help Lower Cholesterol?

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Almonds help to lower cholesterol by providing the body with essential fatty acids, which raise the healthy HDL levels of cholesterol, and fiber, which helps to offset the bad cholesterol. Eat almonds to get a variety of vitamins and minerals in the body with health information from a registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist in this free video on healthy eating.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Rachael Richardson with Nutrolution Incorporated in South Beach, Florida. In this clip, we're talking about do almonds lower your cholesterol, and the straightforward answer to this question is yes, they do. They're an awesome food. They've got all kinds of...they've got a very interesting nutritional composition, which actually does help lots of different functions in the body, including cholesterol levels. So how does it help improve your cholesterol levels? Well, first of all, there are essential fatty acids in there that help to improve your HDL level, which is part of your total cholesterol and will offset some of the bad cholesterol to help give you a healthier...basically, a healthier functioning cardiovascular system. Also, one of the things that's really rich in almonds fiber. So fiber actually works in your intestines to help clear out excess cholesterol and actually absorb them and clear them out together. So that's another mechanism that it does it through. Other things that almonds are rich in are calcium and other minerals, which are great for all kinds of body functions, as well as some of the vitamins, including the B vitamins, which is also good for cholesterol and healthy weight and metabolism. This has been Rachael with Nutrolution in Miami Beach, Florida.


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