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Change the mouse pointer options on a computer by going to the "Control Panel," clicking on "Mouse" and adjusting the speed for double clicking or the shape of the pointer. Click "Apply" to save the changes made to a mouse pointer with advice from a computer programmer in this free video on mouse pointer options.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Dave Andrews. Today I'm going to show you how to change some mouse pointer options. Let's go to our computer. We're going to go to Control Panel by clicking on the "Start" button. Let's do a search here for "Control Panel", and click on "Control Panel". Now make sure you're in the "Classic View" and we want to find "Mouse" in this list. So find "Mouse" and double click on it and you basically are presented with a lot of different options that you can apply to your mouse pointer. You can change the speed that you have to double click, like if you make it slow then you can probably do "" and that would count as a double click, whereas with fast you can do "clickclick" and that will be a double click. Somewhere in the middle is probably the best. If you go to "Pointers" you can also change the pointer that you want to use. Now for the normal selection, let's just double click on that, and I'm going to find an interesting pointer here, I think there's one that's a banana. Let's use the banana, and then basically I'm going to go down to the very, very bottom and I'm going to click on "OK" and "Apply". So if I click "Apply", as you can see, my mouse pointer has just become a peeling banana and I can use that as my normal mouse pointer when I'm interacting with Windows. To set it back to the default one I would just select the "Normal Select" again and then right beneath that you can see there's a button that says "Use Default". I'll click on "Use Default" and then "Apply" that and my mouse pointer has just turned back to normal again. There's also different schemes that you can use, "Old Fashioned" is one if you are used to sort of the old Windows 3 way of doing things, and as you can see there's many different schemes that you can use for your system. It's that easy to change your mouse pointer options in Windows! My name is Dave Andrews, and I've just shown you how to change your Mouse Pointer Options in Windows.


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