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There are many tutorials available for using Microsoft Excel, including how to create a spreadsheet, how to get the sum of a set of numbers and how to insert a graph. Follow simple instructions for using Microsoft Excel with advice from a computer programmer in this free video on Microsoft Excel.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Dave Andrews. Today I'm going to give you some tutorials on Excel. I'm going to give you three tutorials, number one how to create a spreadsheet, number two how to sum and average data and number three, how to insert a graph. Let's go to our computer, going to click on the Start button, all programs, let's open up Excel by clicking on Microsoft Office and say Excel. Now I'm going to type in my spreadsheet here which is going to be really, really simple. I'm just going to have employees and their number of sales. Let's type in a few employees. Now this is a spreadsheet. Basically my first row is a header, I can even make it bold and red to show that it's a header and each of these rows underneath that first row is data that corresponds to the headers. That is basically what a spreadsheet is. Now I'm going to show you how to sum up the data and how to create averages. So let's say total and average. First I'm going to sum my data using Microsoft Excel's functions by typing equals sum, open parenthesis, and then I'm going to highlight the data with my mouse, close parenthesis. So I now have a total number of sales and as I alter this data, the total number of sales reflect that. I'm also going to do average by typing equals average, open parenthesis, I'm going to select my data again, close parenthesis and there is now the average of my sales which is 113.3 basically. Now let's create a chart. I'm going to highlight my data, I'm going to go to the Insert tab and under charts, I'm going to choose column and 2d column. I now have a really simple chart with the number of sales that each of my employees have sold. My name is Dave Andrews and I've just gave you a few tutorials on using Microsoft Excel.


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