Uses of Microsoft Excel Formulas

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Microsoft Excel formulas can be used to take the sum or average of a set of data by typing an equal sign into a cell, clicking on "Sum" or "Average," typing an open parenthesis, highlighting the data, and closing the parenthesis. Find out how to use different Microsoft Excel formulas with help from a computer programmer in this free video on Microsoft Excel.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Dave Andrews and today I'm going to show you some uses of Microsoft Excel Formulas. In particular I'm going to show you summing and averaging numbers. Let's open up Excel by clicking on our start button, then all programs, Microsoft Office, let's open up Excel. Let's say that I have a series of numbers, I'm just going to type in some numbers here. They could be anything. They could be the number of sales that your employees had or the number of visitors to an event. There is my series of numbers. Now I want to create first a sum and an average for these numbers. So if you click on formulas, you have here a list of all the formulas that Excel has built into it. You kind of click on each one and get a listing basically. You can see I've recently used sum and average which I'm going to be using again. To insert an actual formula into a cell. Just click in it and type = to begin the formula, and we're going to do sum and then an open parenthesis because this is a mathematical function, lets highlight our data and close the parenthesis. Press enter. So Excel has just automatically summed all of the data that we typed in. As that data changes the sum also changes. Do average, you're going to do the same thing except with the average function =, average, open parenthesis, select my data, close my parenthesis and there is the average of all of these numbers that are typed over here on the side. As those numbers change so do the other numbers. There is a lot of different formulas you can use and just use these drop downs to find the formula that you think you might be needing. They are separated into categories. My name is Dave Andrews and I've just showed you some uses of Excel formulas.


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