How to Reduce Laptop Fan Noise

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Reduce laptop computer fan noise by getting rid of dust buildup on the exhaust system with compressed air and making sure the computer is sitting on a surface that allows for airflow. Replace the exhaust unit on a laptop fan if the noise persists with advice from a computer programmer in this free video on laptop computers.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Dave Andrews. Today I'm going to show you how to reduce a laptop's fan and noise. Now usually when your laptop fan is running loudly it's because your processor is heating up and it's requiring the fan to spin faster than normal to cool your processor off. Now a lot of times this can be caused by dust that's built up in the exhaust system on the back of your laptop. So what I'm going to show you to do is take a can of air duster, you can find this at basically any computer store, office stores sell this as well, and what you're going to do is you're going to take your laptop and find the exhaust area. It's usually on the back or the bottom. In this case it's right here on the back of my laptop right here. And I'm going to take this compressed air and I'm just going to, it has a little straw that directs the air to where you would like to blow it at, and I'm just going to, from an angle here, blow some air into that. You want to do it in really short bursts too because if you hold the button down, it'll actually condense the air and it'll come out as liquid drops and you don't want that to get into your computer. Do it at an angle, that way the air comes in and goes out and pulls along with it any dust that it might be picking up. Now what that does is it's just going to clear out these air pathways here. So once you have your laptop good and clean, also make sure that you're sitting it on a surface where air can get inside the laptop. Basically air flows under here, it's pulled in by the fan and then goes out of the exhaust. Now that's going to cool your processor as best as it possibly can. So make sure that you're getting good air flow. If your laptop fan is still running very loudly after that, chances are a ball bearing is loose inside, inside of the fan and really you're just forced to replace it at that point. My name's Dave Andrews and I've just showed you what to do if your laptop fan is running loudly.


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