What Percent of a Person's Savings Should They Invest in Stocks?

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The percentage of a person's savings that should be invested in stocks will depend on the person's age. Consider investing the same percentage as the person's age in bonds and the rest in stocks with tips from a financial adviser in this free video on investing and money management.

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On average, once every ten years, the stock markets go in half. Hi, this is Roger Groh, at Groh Asset Management. Can you handle the value of your investments going from a hundred dollars to fifty? Meaning, are you going to need that money, when the price is at its lowest point? One of the questions that comes up frequently is, of your total savings, how much of that should you put into stock? And really, it's usually an age thing. There is no one rule of thumb. It depends upon your own circumstances, needs and age. Calculators are usually available on the websites at most major banks and stock brokerage firms. Where they will help you set up a list of investments to own that are reasonable for your age. A really rough rule of thumb? Bonds as a percentage of the portfolio, ought to be about the same percentage as your age. Meaning if you're 20, many only 20% bonds is appropriate, and 80% stocks. On the other hand, if you're 80 years old, maybe 80% bonds or even 90% bonds would be appropriate, with only a little teeny tiny amount of stock. Reason is, when you get up to be that age, you don't have long to recover from the next down turn. So, hope that helps. Think through it carefully. I'm Roger Groh, at Groh Asset. Thank you very much for spending time with me.


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