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Filling a paintball gun requires covering the barrel, engaging the safety, staying clear of the trigger and loading the hopper a handful at a time. Find high-grade paint balls to load a gun with information from a factory-certified paintball repair tech in this free video on recreational sports.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I would like to take the time to explain to you how to fill a paintball gun. First, you need to put a barrel cover over your barrel. This ensures that in case of an accidental misfire, everyone is safe. Secure it, and that's all you need to do. Next, make sure that your marker is turned off, or that the safety is engaged so that you can prevent an accidental misfire. And lastly, make sure that your hand is no where near the trigger while you're loading your gun. This also helps to prevent an accidental misfire. Next, you need to decide what kind of paint you're going to run through your gun. You have a low grade paint, which is inexpensive, it tends to bounce off your target more, and is a little bit harder shell, and has a little bit thinner fill. So, next would be your midgrade paint. Midgrade paint has a little bit more brittle shell, and a little bit thicker fill. You can see it breaking on your opponent a little better across the field, which helps to ensure that you know he was hit, but it tends to bounce a little more. And lastly is your tournament grade, or your high end paint. It's the most expensive, but you have more guaranteed breaks, and a lot thicker fill. It's more vibrantly colored paint, and you will definitely know that you hit your opponent. Now, when you've determined what kind of paint you want to use, you need to open your hopper. You can do it in two ways, first, you can load it a handful at a time, or when you've practiced enough, you can load it directly from the bag. You just take it and pour straight in to the hopper. When you've filled the hopper, close your lid until you hear it snap, and then you'll be ready to play. And that is how you fill your hopper.


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