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Choosing a paintball gun requires determining what type of game is played, as recreational players choose inexpensive guns, scenario players choose guns with the look of an actual weapon, and tournament players choose their guns based on function. Select the right paintball gun with information from a factory-certified paintball repair tech in this free video on recreational sports.

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I would like to take a minute to talk about how to choose a paintball gun. Paintball guns are chose based upon what kind of paintball player you would like to be. First up would be the recreational paintball player. He chooses a gun that's fairly inexpensive yet highly durable. These guns are built to take the abuse of learning how to play paintball. Next up would be the scenario player. He chooses his gun based upon a more standard look of an actual weapon. The scenario player plays games that are based upon actual battles and reenactments. They try to obtain a goal at the end of their play and they try to keep reality a part of their game. Next, would be the tournament player. Tournament player chooses his paintball gun based on function. Tournament players' guns have to shoot at a high rate of speed, some up to fifteen balls per second. So, he has to choose a gun that will keep up with everyone else. The accessories you choose for your gun are also based upon what kind of play you want to do. For the recreational player, he would get a standard CO2 tank to power the gun and a standard loader to feed the gun. These are very standard and all they do is perform their job to shoot the paintballs. When you step into scenario or tournament play, when you want the higher rates of fire, more consistent shots, you start getting into the nitrogen tanks. They hold a consistent pressure and perform better in the field. For the higher rates of fire, you also need a mechanical loader. It's battery operated and it actually forces the paintballs into the gun at a higher rate of speed. And that's how you would choose your paintball equipment.


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