How Does Stress Affect Blood Pressure?

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Stress indirectly affects blood pressure because of activities that a person may engage in when stressed or through the hormones that may be released during stressful periods. Find out how increased damage to arteries from the hormone released during stress can raise blood pressure with information from a nurse in this free video on blood pressure.

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Video Transcript

I'm going to speak with you briefly about how does stress affect blood pressure. There is no known proof for directly affecting your blood pressure because of stress. There are some howevers. It does affect indirectly. If you tend to be an overeater, obese, poor sleep, just poor sleeping habits, perhaps you sleep with a snorer next to you or there's alcohol consumption or smoking cigarettes or cigars or pipes, anxiety and depression indirectly affects your blood pressure because it is a release of hormones when stressed and then it increases the damage to the arteries. And when you have an increased damage to the arteries, you normally have an increase damage to the heart and therefore when the heart is damaged, and the arteries are sluggish and it's hard for the blood to get through, then what happens is the blood pressure will increase. So that would give you some understanding of how indirectly stress affects blood pressure and not directly.


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