How Do Circuit Boards Work?

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When trying to understand how circuit boards work, it's important to remember that every time a mouse moves on a computer screen, this action is a result of the computer adding, subtracting and storing numbers. Learn about how electrical inputs and chips are sutured onto circuit boards with help from a software developer in this free video on computer tech support.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Dave Andrews. Today I will talk to you a little bit about how circuit boards work. Now one thing to remember about your computer that's very important is that everything that you see, every operation that you see the computer computing, every time your mouse moves on the screen; that is the result of your computer adding and subtracting and storing numbers. And the way it does this is through pulses of electricity that are shooting through the circuit boards inside of the computer. Then basically the comparison of those pulses of electricity result in the Mathematical operations. So I'm going to show you a picture of a circuit board on the screen here. This is a circuit board; kind of blown up quite a bit and as you can see there are chips that are sutered on to a circuit board such as these large squares here with, what are called chips and they have electrical inputs or little prongs on the side of them. As you can see some of these, not all of them, because they may not be all be necessary, also have an electrical connection that is welded directly into the board and it's connecting these chips together and it's doing so in a way that the engineers have designed these two chips to communicate with each other. Basically let's say this chip wants to send some data over to this chip right here. It will just shoot a single pulse of electricity through each of these wires on a given timing and then this other chip will receive those pulses of electricity. Inside of it, it has its own little operations that it conducts and it'll pass those along or it'll respond back; that's how your computer does its operations. I have another picture here. This is actually from a back of a circuit board and you can see these little circular areas are where the chips are welded on to the other side and there's a lot more connections on the back side of the circuit board also. So you have connections both on your front side and your back side and those chips will use their electrical connections which are nothing more than copper wires to send electricity between each other and the processor. So that's the basic idea between how a printed circuit board works. My name is Dave Andrews and I've just told you a little bit about how circuit boards work.


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