What Is a Jigsaw Used for?

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A jigsaw is used for cutting out patterns in wood because the blade moves up and down, create a great format for detailed, decorative woodwork. Understand the uses of a jigsaw with instructions from an experienced carpenter and construction specialist in this free video on home repair.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Mark Blocker, in this segment, we're going to cover what is a jig saw used for. Okay, here I have a jig saw, and what it is, it's a reciprocating saw. The blade cuts in an up and down stroke. The blade rides on a small roller here, and that helps stabilize the blade when you're making curves. And basically what it's designed to do, because it has a small, narrow blade, it works really good for cutting in patterns, designs in wood, circular patterns, you can be used for cutting something like a circular pattern out of a piece of plywood. Or maybe rounding off, or arching the corners on a bench stool. It has a lot of different uses, because the small blade gives it good versatility for cutting small, circular patterns, or things of that nature. Okay, a jig saw can also be used for cutting a circular pattern out of the inside of a piece of wood. And the way you do that is, taking a paddle bit of about a half an inch, or larger, and drilling a hole on the inside of where your circle pattern is, and then by using that hole, you can insert the blade into the wood, and start cutting your pattern out. So there's just a few examples of what a jig saw is used for.


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