Healthy Foods to Eat After Prostate Surgery

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After prostate surgery, most people are put on a liquid diet that starts with clear liquids and moves to full liquids. Find out why foods with lycopene, such as tomatoes and watermelon, are so important after prostate surgery with help from a registered and licensed dietitian in this free video on healthy eating and nutrition.

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Video Transcript

My name is Christine Marquette and I'm a registered and licensed dietitian with Marquette Nutrition and Fitness and I've been asked about healthy foods to eat after prostate surgery. Now initially right after a prostate surgery much the same with almost any other type of surgery, initially you're going to be put on a liquid diet. You're not actually going to be able to eat any solid foods. Slowly you will be progressed from clear liquids to full liquids, meaning things that have a little bit of solids to them. Then you'll be upgraded to a soft diet that would be including things such as oatmeal or mashed potatoes, ground meats, anything that really is very easy to chew. Once you're actually advanced to a more regular diet, this is when your healthy food choices actually come more in to play. You really want to make sure that you get a lot of different fruits and vegetables, a lot of color, in particular a lot of fruits and vegetables that have red in them. The red usually signifies that that particular food has lycopene in it. Tomatoes are one example, watermelon is another example of foods that have a lot of lycopene in them. And what we have found is that lycopene has the potential to actually improve prostate health. So that's one food in particular that you want to make sure that you include. But really all of the fruits and vegetables have some benefits to them. So in general healthy foods after prostate surgery are a lot of the foods that most of us should be eating on a daily basis anyway. Variety of fruits and vegetables, when it comes to starches, you want to choose whole grain products. Most whole grain products, in addition to all of the fiber they're also going to be a good source of vitamin E which is an antioxident that can be very beneficial after prostate surgery. When it comes to your protein foods, protein can be used to heal your body. After surgery that's very important. So you want to make sure you have adequate protein, but it does need to be a lean source. You want to make sure you avoid excess saturated fats. Too high of an intake of saturated fat may be associated with negative impact on prostate health. So if you choose to eat meat, make sure that you choose the leanest cuts possible, remove any visible fat. When it comes to poultry take the skin off before you eat it. So the main foods to choose, healthy foods after prostate surgery, your fruits and your vegetables, your whole grains, your lean sources of protein and when it comes to fat, healthy unsaturated fats such as canola oil, olive oil, nuts and seeds.


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