What Is It Like to Be a Reporter?

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Reporters have to meet a lot of deadlines and spend a lot of late nights, but the profession is rewarding, as well. Learn about the different perks of being a reporter with help from a journalism professor in this free video on careers in journalism.

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Video Transcript

So what's it like to be a journalist? Well in many ways it's a lot of fun. The first time I became a journalist I was 23 years old and the mayor of the local city was taking my calls. I was on page 1 every day of the local newspaper and that was heady stuff and I really enjoyed it. It also means a lot of deadlines, a lot of late nights, a lot of missed suppers with your family, your friends and so there's that side of the business as well. It's exciting and it's a rewarding career and you really have the chance to do some good things as a journalist and you can't say that of all careers perhaps. So it's rewarding and it has its costs as well. Being a journalist also makes you a really interesting person to talk to simply because you have talked to so many interesting people as a journalist. You get to rub elbows with people who are truly famous, truly extraordinary because those are the people who your audience wants to know about so you're constantly interviewing these kinds of people and talking to these kinds of people and sort of getting the inside track and at the end of the day you wind up knowing a whole lot more about these people than you put in your article and so it makes you entertaining. It is also a constant exploration of what is interesting in the world be it whether you are talking about people about phenomenon in the world. It's a pretty exciting career and it's a great career for people who are just curious and always wanting to know about the world.


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