What Does It Take to Be a News Reporter?

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In order to be a news reporter, a person usually needs a bachelor's degree in journalism or a related field, and they usually need to be able to meet deadline and think quickly on their feet. Learn about the changing qualifications for unconventional journalism on the Internet with help from a journalism professor in this free video on careers in journalism.

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Video Transcript

So what does it take to be a news reporter? Again let's distinguish between being a news reporter for a conventional journalism and perhaps other kinds of news reporters. If you want to be hired by a conventional news organization say a newspaper or a television station or a radio station to do news you are probably going to need a Bachelor's Degree in journalism or a Bachelor's Degree in some related field like perhaps English or maybe history or one of the more technical areas, Science for example something that indicates that you have some sort of expertise and if you have a degree that is something other than journalism you are probably ought to have a journalism minor just to pick up some of the basic, some of the core journalism skills. So it is going to take that plus it's going to take a high tolerance for some of the work conditions of being a journalist stress for example and deadlines and the ability to think quickly on your feet and to be creative in presenting the information. So that is some of what is going to be required to work for a conventional news organization. Now it's, increasingly now we have other kinds of journalists. We have journalists who blog for example, journalists who produce content and put it on You Tube, journalists who produce their own websites and the qualifications for these kinds of careers in journalism are quite different, nobody really checks to see if you have a journalism degree before they visit your website. The important thing there is having content that will attract people and get them to, and have them come back so in that unconventional journalism environment on the web for example what it takes to be a journalist is simply a good idea and an internet connection and the ability to attract an audience and keep that audience coming back.


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