What Is the Average Salary for a Sports Journalist?

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The average salary for a sports journalist is usually not very great, but there are other benefits of being a sports journalist, including access to well-funded programs. Find out how a sports journalist can make a better salary with a great organization with help from a journalism professor in this free video on careers in journalism.

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So, what's the salary for a sports journalist? Well, for talking about a conventional sports journalist who works, for example, for a newspaper, the answer is not all that great, and that shouldn't too much of a surprise. Salaries aren't all that great, starting salaries at least, for, for reporters of any newspaper. However, I, I think there are some benefits still to being a sports journalist. Number one, it's a whole lot of fun if you're a sports fan, and also you have a sports program, the sports departments at newspapers tend to be fairly well funded operations, simply because the audience for sports news is so large and so engaged that attracts a lot of advertising, perhaps more so than the news side of the operation, so if you've got to be anywhere in the newsroom, that's a fairly safe place to be, perhaps, in terms of job security and, and reimbursement. So, that's the typical salary, perhaps, for a sports journalist. Now, again here it, a lot depends on what organization you work for, and what you do in that organization. The salary for a sports journalist at the, at the local hometown newspapers, of course, is going to be far less than the salary for a, a media superstar who works for ESPN, or a major host. Those, those folks negotiate multi-million dollar contracts every year. Also, a lot depends on, on what position you hold within the sports department in whatever organization you work for, even if you're working for a small to medium sized daily sports department, if you work as an editor in that department, you can out bank more than, than the people who are working as a reporter. So, there's a wide range, but the, the short answer is, is true in mainstream journalism in general is if, don't get into it to be rich, because odds are, you won't be rich, ever.


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