What Are Different Aspects of Journalism?

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Different aspects, or media, of journalism include print, broadcast media and Web journalism. Find out why so much of print media is gravitating towards the Internet with help from a journalism professor in this free video on careers in journalism.

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Video Transcript

Journalism has many different aspects and there are a lot of ways to think about this. One way to think about the different aspects of journalism is to think about the different media that are involved in journalism. Print, for example, newspapers and magazines that's one aspect of journalism. Broadcast media, specifically radio and television, those are other aspects of journalism and of course on line journalism that in many ways brings in the elements of print as well as broadcast journalism. Now these different aspects of journalism do require different skill sets. Your typical print journalist for example does not know how to run a camera and your typical television journalist doesn't necessarily know how to write a twelve column inch story for a newspaper. At least that's the case right now. Increasingly these skills are converging so in order to be a print journalist you might still primarily need that print journalism skill set but you're also going to have to know how to run a camera and also have to know how to run a recorder to record audio and maybe even a still camera to take your own still pictures because increasingly media outlets are requiring all of these skills. So that actually points to another aspect of journalism which is convergence. This idea that there are many ways to present information. Increasingly a single media organization is presenting information on the web through television, through radio and through print. So obviously if you are a journalist working for that organization you are going to have to know at least something about all those different media. Now another aspect of journalism in fact increasing the sale end aspect of journalism is those that pertain to the world wide web. Generally journalism is moving away from print and toward the web. Maybe even moving away from television and radio per say and toward the web and in that sense you are going to need to be familiar with that environment because the web is, on the web production is cheap, hosting is cheap, information lives forever on the web or can in an archive so this is an increasingly attractive medium both for audiences and for media. Currently the industry is kind of trying to figure this out, figure out how to capture revenue from the content that's on the web. So those are some aspects of journalism. There are many more aspects, probably too many to go into, it's a very broad field.


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