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Qualifications for being a journalist include a bachelor's degree in journalism or a related field, typing skills, writing skills and evidence of previous publication. Discover why it's important for bloggers to demonstrate their knowledge with help from a journalism professor in this free video on careers in journalism.

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Video Transcript

So you want to know the qualifications for being a journalist? Well to be a conventional journalist that is someone who works for a conventional media like newspapers or television or magazines or radio stations. You are pretty much going to need a Bachelor's Degree in journalism or something like history or English or something related at least to journalism. You are certainly going to need typing skills and writing skills and you're going to need some evidence to present to your employer that you have these skills for print journalists that usually means a book of clips of articles, newspaper articles that you've published. For broadcast media it's going to mean a collection of recordings of you on the air or on the radio doing what you do. So you are going to need that. Now that's for conventional journalism. For other kinds of journalism for blogging for example or creating a website and sharing information that way there really are no qualifications. People don't check to see what kind of degree you have before they visit your website or get interested in your blogs. The important thing there is being able to demonstrate knowledge and being able to present the kind of content that people want and so in that sense the only qualification is a good idea and an internet connection and the ability to stick with it until that audience actually shows up.


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