The Stages of Pregnancy

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The stages of pregnancy are divided into three main groups, the first, second and third trimester, the second being the longest at 28 weeks long. Understand the different stages of pregnancy with helpful information from a certified nurse-midwife in this free video on pregnancy.

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There are several stages of pregnancy, and this is Mavis Schorn, nurse midwife from Vanderbuilt University School of Nursing. And I'm going to kind of break those down in to what the stages are and show the main highlights of each one of those stages. We usually refer to them as trimesters, breaking pregnancy into to three different sections. The first trimester is that, up until that first twelve weeks is really the time from conception, those first few little cells that were implanted to full growth of that fetus to all the organs, everything developed. It's a huge development time for babies. And for you, you're in that whole adjustment of getting pregnant and those big hormone surges and all those things during that time period. Now, I'm going to come back to the second stage in just a second, or second trimester. Third trimester is twenty eight weeks until birth, o.k. Now, second trimester is more than twelve weeks because full pregnancy is forty weeks. So, we're talking about twelve weeks to twenty eight weeks is considered the second trimester. In the second trimester, typically you feel a whole lot better, some major things happen like you start feeling the baby move. Usually around eighteen, twenty weeks, you start feeling it. You've just started hearing the baby's heartbeat just before the second trimester. That happened right around twelve weeks. And the baby's really doing a lot of growing and maturing during that time period. The third trimester is where the baby's putting those last, those last, really developing those organs even more to be prepared to be on the outside. And you're feeling movement very regularly, you're feeling contractions, some. You are starting to prepare more for the birth, that this is actually going to happen and you're going to be a parent and have a little baby at home. You're starting to think about all those plans about birthing and those plans about parenting. Your baby by twenty eight weeks is actively moving and getting prepared to be on the outside as well.


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